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Coach Rose,

We are going on 4 years and every year gets better when my daughter is with Rose. I wonder if Coach Rose knows, if she really understands, just how she means to my Susan. Susan is extremely fortunate to have some great women in her life, women off integrity who are inspiring her to be a great woman. I’m always cheering her on the sidelines. Her grandma loves her more than words. Her aunts spoil her with gifts and attention. However, there is something about Coach Rose that matter to Susan so much more. There is something there that is hard to explain, something special about the relationship between my child and Rose. I don’t know if Rose feels it, but I know that Susan does. You should know that my daughter, like most little kids, complains about a lot of things. She complains about homework, chores, taking care of her brother and going out with her parents. But one thing that she never complains about is going to soccer practice. Every cell in that kid’s body desires to work hard and play hard with her team.She is hungry to learn and to improve for herself. If she doesn’t feel well and can’t attend school, no problem, but just the thought of missing a practice or a game can reduce my Susan to tears. Her team gives her the drive and a purpose, and Rose has set the tone for that. Rose teaches her to sweat, to show leadership, and to strive to improve. She teaches her to persevere when things aren’t easy. She teaches her to grind on and off the field. These aren’t just lessons that are important in soccer; these are lessons that will guide my daughter for the rest of her life. I want Coach Rose to know that we have entrusted her with our greatest treasure, so there are lots of other things that matter from the sideline. Like that time you encouraged Susan to try out for West Coast, one of the best soccer clubs in Northern California, and or the time you invited her to first join your women’s soccer team, but more importantly the time you wrapped your arm around my daughter while she was sitting on the bench. It was a heartfelt moment that I will never forget. You both talked about boys, grades, universities and collegiate soccer. Those conversations inspired my daughter to dream big and work hard. She has held a 4.0 GPA for as long as I could remember because she understand and values the importance of good grades, she is a competitive athlete that has lead her club soccer team to multiple championships and wins. Susan will unequivocally excel in her relationships, as well in her academics and in the community because she will have been inspired by Coach Rose.
Thank you for supporting and always encouraging my Susan to grind on and off the field the Rose Method!

Sandra Reyes - soccer parent of Susan Contreras

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