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April 13, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter hereby gives a parent’s testimony on how Coach Rose Shoen took my son who had no soccer skills and nurtured him into becoming a viable soccer player.

My family and I moved from North Carolina to Sacramento, CA in 2014 to embark on new discoveries for our lives. Elijah’s desire for soccer sparked suddenly prior to our departure from North Carolina, I thought it was just a phase he was experiencing. To my surprise, his desire grew, and I knew I had to find him a good coach. I was referred to Coach Rose in June of 2015 at the Olympus Coliseum. When I read her resume of her extensive soccer background and how she uses futsal and all its technical features for practice skills, I knew I’ve found the right person. Elijah had no previous soccer training; therefore, she took him under her wings and taught him all the basic ball handling skills along with proper soccer techniques.

Elijah is an active kid, he had raw talent with great speed, therefore, she was able to apply various techniques that was specific to Elijah’s learning and his skills grew faster and he became more confident. She also taught him how to combine his speed along with the ball handling skills and many other skills that would prepare him to be a great soccer player. Elijah played his first game for Coach Rose soccer team Azteca FC on her U12 team, he was only 8 years old then, but he played with no mercy. Although they lost the game, it was revealed to her that he had the heart for soccer. His confidence grew tremendously when he began as a starter on her U8 team and that kindled a magical moment for him and everyone on that team.

Coach Rose has a firm belief in continued improvements in every child, her methods were always pushing the kids to be the best players they can be, to believe in themselves and doing their best. One example in a game, the Azteca FC U8 team played against their rival team. In this game, I witnessed Coach Rose evaluating Elijah’s soccer skills and quickly realized that he had difficulty in playing the forward position. Instead of substituting him, she changed his position to the left defender position and in changing his position, Elijah became even more potent in his new position and his abilities magnified greatly with the combination of his defensive skills along with his speed.  Elijah played with more zeal than before; the Azteca FC U8 team was very fascinating and they were undefeated for a few soccer seasons. With Rose’s method that U8 team had reached the finals three (3) consecutive times and won two (2) championships, plus many others. He was so happy that he was apart of a team of kids that were so skillful, talented, and knitted together as a family. Many were ordinary kids like my son that Coach Rose had nurtured and placed together as a team.

Elijah became a great team player in his position and grew more in confidence that he even played other positions including goalkeeper.  Coach Rose methods used in her practices became the catalyst of her foundation in how she’s able to nurture my son into a good player and now he can learn and grow even more into the best player he can be. Coach Rose is unique and her passion for helping kids, teenagers, and even young adults to be the best version of themselves on and off the field. I have witnessed her capacity of her love towards each person whom she met and its very evident in her actions. Coach Rose is simply the greatest! #21

Warm Regards,

Brian O. Peart

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