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Hi  my name is Giancarlo and my siblings are Alexandro and Camila Gamino. I am 12 years old I started my soccer journey in late 2015. I've been in Azteca for almost 2 years(and counting) and have known rose for 2 years. Rose has really left a big impact on me, my siblings, and parents. You have influenced me to always have a champion mentality and be a great human being. When I was 10 years old, I really let myself go because of quarantine. When we heard of you I was so scared and nervous to join. I was so shy in soccer I didn't have confidence in my self. First practice was so hard for me. When I started to go to practice continuously I was  gaining more condition and way more strength. I started becoming healthier and ate way better than I used to. When I went to the men's practice's I started to build great relationships with the player's. I started to gain way more confidence in my self. All your drills, scrimmages and 1v1's/2v2's. I started to become way more active and way more hardworking than I used too. Rose has helped me to develop on and of the field, and as  a player and person. Rose has helped me do try outs for big Fits all teams and academies. She has helped me meet lots of my goals and I am grateful for that. I will for ever and ever keep on grinding and grinding to reach the top and play pro soccer. I also want to thank you on helping me with my school and pushing me to receive awesome grades. I also want to thank you for you have done for Alex and Camila. Alex never liked soccer, sometimes he even threw a fit about going to practice, but nowadays he gets so excited about practice, games, and tournaments. You have changed his mentality and because of you he now loves soccer. When Camila started to come to your practices she would get mad. Now she begs us to go to practice. You will forever remain as one of the most important people in our lives. Thank you for everything Rose.


 Giancarlo Gamino, Alexandro Gamino, Camila Gamino

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