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Greetings, I am Rehana Rehman, and my family and I moved from the Bay Area to Rancho Cordova last year in May of 2021. Just by sheer plain luck, we were introduced to Coach Rose Shoen and Azteca FC through a mutual friend and we haven’t looked back since then. My children, Leila Chaudhry (19 years old), Zaina Chaudhry (13 years old), and Isa Chaudhry (9 years old) have all been working with Coach Rose since last year and we are so grateful to have someone in our lives who has made such a remarkably positive impact on all of us. We have been so extremely fortunate to have worked with her so closely and my children not only admire Coach Rose but are thoroughly inspired by her. Rose is one of the most hard-working coaches I have ever met and her work ethic, her soccer knowledge, and her ability to inspire know no bounds. Her trainings are packed with strategic drills, good ball-handling techniques, and depth that not only helps you improve as a player but helps build confidence. Each of my kids improved significantly under Rose’s tutelage, especially my son Isa who was fairly new to playing soccer. Rose is always an ardent supporter of her student-athletes and brings high energy and a positive disposition to every training, game, or track meet. She influenced my children to try new things like running in cross-country meets and trying various track events which I love. Additionally, she is consistently pushing all her athletes to be hyper-focused on their education. Rose emphasizes the importance of education in their lives and then also holds awards ceremonies after each semester to reward/highlight student-athletes who worked toward academic excellence. Whether it is on and off the field, Rose displays unwavering support for her student-athletes which sets her apart from other coaches. Rose has a very high EQ and she coaches with empathy, passion, and discipline. I would highly recommend Rose and I cannot wait to see the incredible things she will no doubt achieve in the future. 

With much gratitude, respect and love, thank you for all that you have done for my family.

Rehana Rehman & the Chaudhry family

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