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Dear Rose Shoen,

Thanks for encouraging and inspiring me every step of the way. You honestly continue to do the
impossible as I honestly could not imagine myself being where I am today with God first and you. You
give me a reason every day to believe in myself and that there is always someone counting and believing
in you, despite your circumstances. The world needs more of the Rose that grew out of the concrete. That
Rose knows what it takes to hit rock bottom and grow out despite drought and starvation.
Besides, you are different and that is what amazes me the most. You could easily choose not to be a
mentor and sponsor of several of us but you decide to spark that little light that you saw within us. The
strength that you gather to not let people talk you down of helping people like us is just so incredible. You
could stay with people of your caliber, instead you choose to be with us every day. Though, everyone has
their flaws but you never lose your flavor because you are never in the mix but choose to be different and
have your own flavor. Don’t ever lose that Rose; because at the end of the day, it is the legacy that lives
on. You have been there for me day and night. Through thick and thin. Honestly, I find it very hard
writing you this because it is just so much to say.
I am also very proud of you and your husband. He is a very incredible, eloquent guy. My hope is
that your grow through what you go through. It is not going to be easy but at the end of the day, Love is
what that matters. I have not met anyone as selfless or as impacting as you. This is too short letter for me
to express how much you have change me for the better. Even though we have our own little fight in the
car every time but I love you truckloads. I am not saying this to sweet write you but this is all that you are
and more. I have not met someone like you. not a single soul around the globe.
I would not have come thus far without God first and you. Don’t let anyone divert you from your
mission on this earth. You are powerful beyond measure Rose. You grew out of that concrete for a
reason. It is your light that frightens most people and they get so blind of the reflection that they don’t see
your vision. We were all meant to shine and as we let our light shine, we unconsciously gave other people
permission to do the same as we are liberated from our own fear. You are truly a blessing.
One thing is you are fearless, that wall that stood tall and strong for others to lean on. I can go on
and on but I want you to know that there is always a room for improvement; keep improving and
flourishing. Like Miguel said in his song, skywalk on all the haters and doubters. Remember that is an
uncomfortable process and pain is a necessary investment for progress. That being said, you won’t always
be successful or happy with whatever you do but remember that you have to polish the shoe before it
shines. Tomorrow, people will look at you and say, one person can truly change the world.

Truly, Yours

Ram Keller Jr.

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