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Hi, my name is Leila Chaudhry and I am a 19-year-old student-athlete at Folsom Lake College. I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Rose Shoen, last summer (2021) when I moved to the Sacramento Area from the Bay Area. Last summer, Rose helped me get ready for my 1st season of playing Division 2 soccer at Hawaii Pacific University. Her weekly summer trainings were focused on being a well-rounded athlete: working on strength and conditioning, completing core exercises at the end of practices, doing multiple drills to help improve our foot skills, and lastly increasing our stamina. She is so disciplined and she leads by example. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her last summer and felt prepped and ready when I left home to go to Hawaii. Unfortunately, after my 1st semester at HPU, I made the difficult decision to come home and register for community college. Without Rose, I don’t think I would still be playing collegiate soccer. With her guidance and support, she connected me with FLC's head coach, Donny Ribaudo, and encouraged me not to give up. She has consistently supported me and my family and continues to do today. She is thoughtful, kind, and inspiring, but most of all, she truly cares about the development of all athletes regardless of their skill/age/gender. She is an inspiring coach, and I am grateful to have Rose’s support. It takes a special person to be a coach/mentor/teacher, Coach Rose is committed to being the best and always gives her best to her students and for that, I am so filled with gratitude. I look forward to working with Rose as I continue this journey of being a student-athlete. Thank you Rose for making such an indelible mark in my life.

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