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Hi, my name is Mya Soto and I have been training with Coach Rose since I was 12 and I am now 16. When I first went to train with Coach Rose I had very little skill and I couldn’t juggle at all. Not only that, I also didn’t enjoy going to training because I thought it was too difficult for me. Over the years I stayed consistent and kept going to training no matter how hard I thought it was and I've learned a lot. From my skills, running, and juggling. I’ve learned that complaining doesn’t get you anywhere and to just do the work. Not only has Coach Rose helped me grow as a player but also academically and as a person. For example in school I constantly push myself to get the best grades I can because Coach Rose always gives academic awards if you get all A’s and B’s on your report card and reminds us that grades are just as important as your skill. She taught me what true champion mentality was and never let me give up, one thing Coach Rose will never do is give up on you. Coach Rose always encouraged me to keep on pushing and that you have to work hard if you truly want it, even though there were many times I did want to quit, and I trusted her advice. As I continued to stay consistent, I started to play the best I have ever played before and started to become more confident on the field. I went from not being able to pick up the ball in the juggling test to having a record of 5,400 all thanks to Coach Rose. In 2021 I fractured my ankle and I lost a lot of my confidence as a soccer player, but I still continued to show up at training to watch and Coach Rose helped me find things that I can do on the side such as core exercises. She helped me realize that even though I was hurt I was still able to work hard. After I came back from my injury I was not confident as a player at all, but Rose kept on reminding me that in a year I will be better than I was before I got injured and she really was right about that. After a year of coming back from my injury I became even more confident on the field. I honestly wouldn’t be the soccer player I am today if I never met Coach Rose. I wouldn’t have been able to recover from my injury or even be the player I am today. Rose has always taught me to work hard, not just on the field but off the field. She taught me that I always have to put in the extra work. Coach Rose is currently helping me reach out to colleges and helping me create goals for myself so that I can become the best athlete I can be. I can’t say how thankful and happy I am that I have a Coach like Coach Rose because she has truly made me a better player and person overall and it is extremely rare to find a coach like Coach Rose. 

 -Mya Soto


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