Rose Method

Hello to the fortunate future players/mentees of Rose Shoen, taking the time to not only write but
speak to you all who are in the process with rose. Straight to the point just how Rose likes it no more nor
less she will be the person who will care for you & invest in you like no one else would. That being said
I’m referring to time which is as you know very high in value to her. I’ll be sharing my experiences to
show you what I mean by the previous statements. I started playing for rose at 15(I’m 24 now) until I
was 17 before I headed to college. I was one out of very few she believed in that had potential when we
didn’t see it ourselves. Things I’ve learned would have to be more mental rather than mechanical or
talent. She believed everyone one had a shot with commitment & dedication to want to progress. From
being on time to picking us up from anywhere in the city to get you just show up & didn’t let us have the
excuse to not having shoes be a issue let me tell you she’ll find or buy you some even if it was Walmart .
That’s how dedicated she was to getting us to show up to practice or doing college application it vested
accountability in our character. When it came to training there’s no messing around with her , even if
you throw up or hurt there’s always a way to treat it etc. I slowly started to learn there’s no time for
excuses I remember vividly practicing in the snow at 6am which led to a lot of mental strength doing
things you didn’t necessarily want to but kicked your butt in gear. The character that was built through
that process & its a process not a journey she had everything calculated. Even though being brought up
in a low income & very humble beginnings she showed us that it was our motive to work diligently & go
aggressive towards what we want. Played in college did well in a college with elite coaches & players.
Through the hard times in college I really would remind myself of what has taught me to be relentless.
Due to that mentally to be just ruthless in work ethic it can trump any weakness. For example I was
never a great speaker I was the shyest kid but thank to her I started my business & ended up speaking to
2500 people eventually, scary but no excuses just do it. From times of being depressed it just kicked in
for me to compete in bodybuilding which I currently do now I used it as a chip on my shoulder. All thank
to her I have the biggest drive to do great things, so to those upcoming players trust & listen. Yes you
might not like her at the moment when she yells at you to keep going but when you accomplish such
things you’ll reflect on her teachings. Thank you Rose for being a role model and a person to aspire to ,
especially for women.

- Jessie Garcia