How Coach Rose #TheRoseMethod changed my life.

I only heard of Rose from my fellow teammate who has trained with her for years. I was training at Olympus Sports Coliseum like normal, I used to go everyday to get my touches in and we saw Coach Rose doing training there one day. I remember my mom telling me and my step dad  that don't let her leave this place without talking to her. As soon as I met her and talked with her about my situation in soccer my life was going to change for greatness. When I left after talking to her I was inspired by her passion and her drive with helping kids for soccer achieve things she had to do on her own. We did a training session the same week friday. She kicked  my butt and that's what helped the most, she's doing it to get you to the next level that other people are not prepared for. When I told her I wanna go to a D1 college and play at a high level she not only pushed me physically and mentally but put me on a path that only lead for my success. Rose got me onto West Coast Soccer Club with Troy Dayak after about a couple weeks of meeting and training with her by her encouragement and motivation to want hustle and grind. There were days I didn't want to go to her trainings because of how much hard work she was gonna have you do in just one training session. But she always pushed me to keep going to matter how difficult it was and I knew that if I follow her plans for me she will get me to the next level. My parents ask how do you do two practices like its nothing I say Rose she's the who still pushes me in the back of my mind. I couldn't ever thank  her enough for where I am today because of her every game I play I always think of her and work hard to show her how much I appreciate where she's got me today.

Sincerely, Hailey Rodaer

#champion Mentality #4